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Bryan Schwartz holds an LL.B. from Queen’s and a Master’s and Doctorate in law from Yale Law School. He has been a member of the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba since 1981, and in 1999 became the inaugural Asper Professor of International Business and Trade Law. Bryan is an author/contributor of 34 books and has over 300 publications in all. He is the founding and general editor of both the Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law and the Underneath the Golden Boy series, an annual review of legislative developments in Manitoba.

Newly received designation of King's Counsel.

Over the years he has received numerous awards and honours for teaching, research and community service. Bryan’s practical experience has included acting as counsel for the Pitblado Law firm since 1994. He has advised or presented in a wide variety of public and commercial law cases in a wide variety of courts and tribunals. He has participated in the drafting of briefs or the presentation of oral argument in over a dozen Supreme Court of Canada cases. In recent years his clients have also included federal, provincial, municipal, and aboriginal governments, as well as private individuals, non-profit organizations, and administrative agencies.

Defining success together

The issues in which he has been involved include constitutional, aboriginal human rights, labour, the environment, health care reform, and regulation of the professions. Bryan has served as an arbitrator in international trade law cases and labour grievances. He teaches labour law, has been a Canada Labour Code adjudicator since 1994, and has served as a sole arbitrator or panel member in a number of grievances brought under collective agreements.

Bryan’s Curriculum Vitae

Download Bryan’s full CV hereand the highlights here.

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Pitblado LLP Celebrates Kings Counsel Recipient Bryan Schwartz
Pitblado LLP Celebrates Kings Counsel Recipient Bryan Schwartz
An award-winning academic, with a doctorate in from Yale Law School, and decades of success as a law professor, Bryan Schwartz recently was recognized as a senior trial lawyer receiving designation of King’s Counsel (KC). Bryan is a former media pundit and guide to Canadian constitutional crises as well as a practicing lawyer who has appeared in over a dozen cases at the Supreme Court of Canada. As an arbitrator, Bryan has adjudicated disputes all the way from the provincial to international law.
Designation Of King’s Counsel
Designation Of King’s Counsel
Professor Bryan Schwartz, founder of Sacred Goof, was one of several lawyers to receive the designation of King’s Counsel this week, a distinction given to the most long-serving, dedicated and productive contributors to legal practice in the legal community. Given Manitoba’s rigorous process for nominations, Schwartz, the only faculty member to receive the designation at this time, shared that he felt “profoundly honoured” to have been included and “greatly appreciative” to those who nominated and selected him.