WHAT WE DOConstitutional Law and Human Rights

Bryan Schwartz was described four decades ago as a “constitutional wunderkind” and more recently as a “constitutional guru”.

He has written over half a dozen books, as well as numerous articles, in the area,  advised governments, private clients and non-profits in the area, and argued cases at all levels, including the Supreme Court of Canada.   His experience has included the federal-provincial division of powers, issues involving Indigenous peoples,  the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and constitutional issues involving trade and commerce.

One example of his work in this area is that he was relied upon the government of Manitoba to provide an independent opinion on an area of great importance and legal uncertainty, concerning the federal carbon tax  https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/carbon-tax-manitoba-1.4350350#:~:text=In%20his%2064%2Dpage%20analysis,uphold%20the%20proposed%20carbon%20tax

Bryan has written, taught and and practiced extensively in the area of human rights law including on the issues of freedom of expression, equality rights involving  persons with disabilities  and economic freedoms.  His book “Admitted but Excluded” focused on the rights of immigrants to Canada to carry on their occupations, including obtaining fair recognition for their credentials

Bryan’s Curriculum Vitae

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