WHAT WE DOGovernance

Bryan Schwartz has throughout his career explored and advised on governance issues.  His work – as an academic and practical advisor – has extended to the development of international organizations, the reform of the Canadian constitution, the implementation of self-government by Indigenous organizations and governance issues involving major corporations and non-profits.

As an academic, Bryan initiated a law review that explores policy development and democratic and parliamentary reform in Canada.

Bryan’s reflections on governmental reform, including his broad views on the the role of government in society as a whole, have been published by the Queen’s Centre for Intergovernment Relations,  the Institute for Research for Public Policy and the Frontier Centre.   He has advised governments of both the left and right on policy reform and legislative development.

Bryan welcomes inquires with respect to advising and policy development concerning governance in a respects, from overall government reform to the internal operation of corporations,  unions and non-profits.  He would welcome as well to being of service to  board, agencies and commission as well.

Bryan’s Curriculum Vitae

Download Bryan’s full CV here and the highlights here.