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Bryan P. Schwartz inaugurated and has many times taught a course in his law school on legislative process, and also created the “Underneath the Golden Boy” law review, which focuses on developments in legislation and legislative process. As an advisor to a number of different federal, provincial, territorial and Indigenous governments, he has been involved extensively in exercises where he is involved in not only policy development but also the negotiation and drafting of legislation. Among other significant exercises, eh was part of the team of advisors to the Assembly of First Nations that worked with federal officials on the creation of the Specific Claims Tribunal Act. His forthcoming book:  Enlightening Canada: A Legislative Program for Promoting Open, Democratic and Rational Policymaking in Canada”, will include not only many policy ideas, but a program for a specific set of proposed legislative reforms.

Bryan enjoys working with not only governments but  private clients and non profits on meeting challenges through the creation or improvement of policy statements, legislation and regulations at all levels,  as well as in drafting private contracts and collective agreements.

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